Commercial Window Cleaning Hanover Park

Commercial Window Cleaning Hanover Park

Presentation is an important part of your business. When your customers arrive what they see says a lot about you. Dirty windows can make your customers feel like you are uncaring and sloppy, which can hurt your sales. Don’t let dirty windows give your customers the wrong impression of you, let Simply Transparent help. Our window cleaners can remove the dirt and grime that builds up on any window to help them look like new. Ask us about service plans and take away the worry of having to call about scheduling as you can plan out cleanings in advance.

Quality Window Cleaning Hanover Park

Most people think that cleaning a window is easy, and in some regard it is. The experience and equipment of a professional window cleaner are what makes the difference. High-quality cleaners, towels, and other equipment can clean off anything from a window while giving it a clear streak free finish. Lower quality cleaners, towels, and other can leave your windows looking as dirty as before they were cleaned with lint and a film. Give us a call and get the job done right the first time.

Window Cleaning Hanover Park

Often, it seems like having an employee was your windows is the best option. While it does look like it would save money over hiring a cleaning service, but that isn’t true. When you have an employee take the time to clean your windows, it takes them away from doing their normal work. This can mean you miss out on sales and/or production. Hiring a dedicated employee to clean is expensive for some companies. The cost often far exceeding the cost of hiring our services. The cost of a single cleaning is much less than the annual wages of a custodial employee and doesn’t require additional bookkeeping for taxes and other expenses.

Professional Window Cleaning Hanover Park

One of the famous lines from the past is “I don’t do windows.” and that was because of how hard they were to clean, but we have equipment that makes it easy. This helps to make it quicker and helps saves you money. Investing in the same equipment for your business can be overly expensive and making sure that the equipment doesn’t get dirty and grimy over years of use a pain. Our equipment is maintained and ready for use, so you don’t have to worry about that. We don’t stop at windows either. We also clean gutters, chandeliers, and more! Simple call Simply Transparent and you’ll be glad you did.