Chandelier Cleaning Schaumburg

Chandelier Cleaning Schaumburg

Chandeliers give a home or business an elegant look in addition to providing light. Chandeliers are a functional art piece that elevates the style of any room they are in. With many designs, a chandelier can be as unique as the person who picked it. However, because Chandeliers are often hung high up, and have many parts, cleaning them can be difficult. Simply Transparent can help with out Chandelier cleaning service Schaumburg.

Professional Cleaning Service Schaumburg

There are many reasons to have your Chandeliers professionally cleaned:

  • Saftey
  • Lower risk of damage to the Chandelier
  • Convenience
  • Quality


Saftey is the first and most important reason. Because Chandeliers are high up, they often require a ladder to clean. Most people do not use a ladder on a regular basis and can feel uneasy at higher levels. This can lead to being unsteady and potentially fall off the ladder. The professionals at Simply Transparent use ladders on a regular basis, and are at home high on a ladder as they are on the ground.

Lower risk of damage to the Chandelier

Chandeliers are often delicate, and one wrong move can cause harm to your chandelier. A light touch and the right tools for the job will make sure that your Chandelier is clean, but more importantly, safe from potential damage from cleaning.


Your time is valuable. Cleaning a Chandelier can take quite a bit of time, time that could be better spent doing more important things. Often time cleaning is before a big event, and that often means you need to be sure that everything is ready, instead of climbing a ladder to dust.


Making sure that your Chandelier shines its brightest is our pleasure. We enjoy making sure that Chandeliers cleaned by us are through and to our client’s satisfaction. After all, your money is important too, and we want to ensure you are happy with how we performed.